Mapping Network Topology

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Show Etherchannel Port

This command shows all the port channels in groups and displays Source port and Partner Port

Show Etherchannel Port-Channel

Example: you have an interface eth0/0. This interface have some characteristics, like current MTU, Bandwidth, packet count, error count etc. Each characteristic can be presented by a numeric value:

MTU 1500
Bandwidth 10000
Packets 2442334
Errors 1332
Each of these values can be queried or read using a specific OID. For example MTU could be linked to OID your text here...

Setting up SNMPv3

Setting up SNMP View

snmp-server view ADMINView internet included
snmp-server view ADMINView mib-2 included
snmp-server view ADMINView cisco included
snmp-server view ADMINView ciscoEvMonSupplyStatusEntry.3 included
snmp-server trap-source VlanData
snmp-server source -interface informs VlanData
snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication
snmp-server enable traps rf
snmp-server enable traps memory
snmp server enable traps config
snmp-server trap timestamp
snmp-server host LOGGING SERVER IP version 3 priv ADMIN

Adding SNMP-Server Host to ACL (Poller Account)

!ip access-list standard ADMIN_Poller
ip access-list standard ADMIN_Poller
permit <>

Setting up SNMP-Server Host

!snmp-server host <LOGGING SERVER IP> version 3 priv <SNMP_USER>
snmp-server host <> version 3 priv <ADMIN>

Setting up SNMP User

!snmp-server user <USERNAME> <GROUPNAME> v3 auth sha <PASSWORD> priv aes 256 <ACL-Poller>
snmp-server user ADMIN ADMINGroup v3 auth sha P@$$w0rd priv aes 128 P@$$w0rd access ADMIN_Poller

Setting up SNMP Group

!snmp-server group <GROUP-NAME> v3 priv access <SNMP-VIEW> access type <ACL-Poller>
snmp-server group ADMINGroup v3 priv read ADMINview write ADMINview access ADMIN_Poller

Troubleshooting SNMP Issues

Verify Switch is Using ACL

switch# sh snmp user

Verify Access List

switch# sh access-list

Verify ACL changes

switch# sh access-list